Harrison Pim

I'm a data scientist / machine learning engineer with a background in computational / quantum physics. I write loads of python and typescript, and a little bit of everything else.
I like working on hard R&D problems involving computer vision, natural language processing, graph theory, representation learning, recommendation systems, and information retrieval.
I love turning those research projects into end-to-end pipelines and services which help people in the real world.


  • Senior Data Scientist, Climate Policy Radar


    Building a search engine, knowledge graph, and ML models for climate policy

  • Senior Data Scientist, Wellcome


    Building the next generation of search and discovery on wellcomecollection.org, including experiments with knowledge graphs, multi-modal search, and semantic search

  • Data Scientist, Wellcome


    Prototyping and productionising computer vision pipelines, novel NLP models, and core search algorithms to help researchers find things on wellcomecollection.org.

  • Data Analyst, The British Museum


    Produced ML-heavy analyses of huge datasets, distilling visitors' motivations, expectations, and needs when visiting the museum online and IRL.

  • Data Science Intern, Great Little Place


    Built a matching/recommendation system for an app with hundreds of thousands of users around the world.


Skills + Tools

Machine learning

pytorch, scikit-learn, tensorflow, wandb

Data science

jupyter, pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, spacy, neo4j, networkx, elasticsearch, pyspark, SQL

Web development

typescript, javascript, node.js, react, next.js, tailwind, graphql, jest, playwright, fastapi, flask


AWS, terraform, docker, git, github actions, vercel, netlify, heroku, supabase

Other Stuff

Teaching and mentoring

I try to share what I've learned through blog posts, reusable code, and/or talks at conferences and universities.

I'm a supervisor for UCL's Data Science for Cultural Heritage MSc course. I've also mentored and advised first-time conference speakers, artists, researchers in industry and academia, grant funding applicants, and students all the way from GCSE to PhD.

Software development

I've built a lot of open source tools, sites, and services outside of work to sharpen my own development skills and experiment with new technologies.

Cycling and outdoor swimming

I like swimming outdoors, especially through the winter. I've been cycling in London for ten years and I've only been hit by four cabs.

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